hoto Credit: Stephanie Mann

hoto Credit: Stephanie Mann

Lindsay Mizrahi, Founder

The Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant 

M.A. Speech-Language Pathology; B.A. Psychology

Welcome! My name is Lindsay Mizrahi and I am the founder of The Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I am a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant offering services globally, with most clients residing in Manhattan, New York and surrounding areas of New Jersey and Long Island. I am dedicated to helping parents learn the skills to teach their children to become independent, healthy sleepers. I strongly believe that healthy sleep habits mean happy, healthy and active children.

Before becoming a certified infant and child sleep consultant, I was a Speech-Language Pathologist. From the children I taught, I saw first-hand the importance of a good night's sleep. Well-rested children were able to concentrate longer, get along better with others and appeared to be overall higher achievers and happier students! 

I've been there.

Frazzled, weary, unable to concentrate or function. Half-conscious night feedings, feeling hopeless, frustrated, utterly exhausted. I’ve been there. Struggling to find a sleep solution with my son was the motivation for my sleep research and subsequent training. After countless sleepless nights, reading almost every sleep book on the market, and hours browsing the internet for a sleep solution, it was time to find a healthy sleep solution for my sweet little boy. I came across world renowned sleep expert's program, Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense™ Program. Something seemed different about this. With a high success rate and testimonials to match from helping over 40,000 clients, I found what we were looking for.

After successfully utilizing Sleep Sense techniques with my son, I became a Certified Sleep Consultant and founded The Pediatric Sleep Consultant. As a proud member of Dana's team, I am passionate about sleep, and that passion drives my mission to help other struggling and sleep-deprived families adopt healthy sleep routines. It is possible to get sound sleep with infants and toddlers!