Questions About Your Child's Sleep? I've Got Answers!

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Congratulations! Just by visiting my website you are taking the first step to forming healthy sleep habits for your child.  Even though we don’t know each other personally, I’m fairly sure and confident that you’ve found your way to this website because you’re dealing with one of these very common, and very frustrating, sleep problems (and are therefore looking into some sleep training methods!).

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?    

  • Your child needs to nurse or bottle feed (or use a pacifier) in order to get to sleep.  Of course, whenever that soother falls out, YOU'RE the one who has to go put it back in (regardless of the time of night). 
  • You are waking up with your child once, twice, three (or more) times each night.  The reason?  Your little one does not know how to fall asleep WITHOUT your help.     
  • Your child needs to be rocked, bounced, or taken for a car/stroller ride in order to nap.  Or (even worse) your child seems to REFUSE to take a nap -- despite the fact that he or she seems tired.     
  • You need help moving your child out of the family bed and into a bed of their own.  Your little one has started to TAKE OVER the family bed and you are ready to have it back.     
  • Your baby’s (or toddler’s) naps are extremely short, sporadic or randomly scheduled throughout the day.  Just when you think you can get some chores done around the house, your little one wakes up; 25 minutes after falling asleep.     
  • Your child is so overtired that he or she is unable to enjoy fun and stimulating daytime activities.  Your little one is always CRANKY, FUSSY, and IRRITABLE, lacks interest in exciting activities and/or can be difficult to be around.     
  • Your OWN lack of sleep is starting to take a toll on you and your family.  Studies prove that infant sleep problems are closely linked to POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION; has this become an area of concern for you?

If you share in one or more of the situations above, the good news is that your search for a solution can stop right here!  The other good news is that, by working together we can start seeing a dramatic improvement in the length and quality of your child’s sleep... after just a couple of nights!


So, if you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, I would love the opportunity to help your entire family get the best night sleep possible, every night! 

Individual consultations include a customized, step-by-step plan to solve your child’s sleep problems.

If you’re not sure if a one-on-one consultation is right for you, or if you have any questions at all about what’s included or how my services work, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a COMPLIMENTARY 15-minute telephone evaluation by clicking "Book Now" below or by emailing me at:

This will give us the chance to chat a little bit about your child’s unique situation, and decide together if a full consultation is the right solution for your family. I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you solve your child’s sleep challenges!